Urban Fly Fishing – thats what I am talking about!


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  • Jim Burns

    I remember sitting on the opposite bank of canal when I worked in the sawmill (Robinson & Dunn) many years ago.A more scenic view than what it was then. Tough place to work but great memories.

  • Hey Jim – long time no hear from – you been out fishing yet?

  • Jim Burns

    Have been out but nothing yet due to the cold and the colour of the Kelvin. Woke up this morning hoping for a warm dry day so I could get a bit of dry fly fishing in. Sod it rain and cold today, on backshift during the week so with the weather being so good I had been planning for my first Kelvin Brownie. Good to hear your now back on the committee.

  • is that the kelvin or the Canal??? …what location?


  • Jim – I am looking forward to your words of wisdom in the forum – you are one of the guys I listen to if I want to know if any action has started!

    Jim – it is the Forth N Clyde at Anniesland!

  • remind me please… permit required for the canal??


  • Yup – permit required – although I have never met anyone that has one – There are signs up stating you can buy em on the bank – I carry a fiver just in case!

  • nicolas valentin

    you need to start catching Ali…