Urban Fly Fisher Competition

Seeing as how stuff got all a bit serious there I thought we could run a humorous competition – a caption competition no less. Extra marks go to people that actually photoshop the picture – winner gets 10 of my enormous flies. Open to everyone feel free to leave any comments in the usual place or if you are a member of the forum chip in on the post – you can email the picture to competition@urbanflyfisher.com

Usual urban rules apply – it will take absolutely ages to get the prize.

You create the caption
You create the caption

Let’s run it for a month.


  1. Off topic – wanted to comment on this post of yours – http://urbanflyfisher.com/fishing-good-looking-wives-and-girlfriends/#comments – but seems I cannot. The post was about fly anglers with the best lookin’ wives and girlfriends.

    Here’s my girl – after catching her very first fish – and on a fly rod to boot! Ok.. the size of the fish was nothing to write home about… but it was a pretty exciting moment, and my girl has a gorgeous smile to match the rest of her! 🙂


  2. Charlie, thats the night that me, you , Alistair and Alex were on the water. I remember I caught a nice, fresh run wooden salmon later on, but that was about the extent of the night’s entertainment !!!

  3. ooops!-incidently-have you been getting on to the river alan?(cant see myself fishing until at least tuesday)-if so,did you see any?.

  4. Hi Al,
    Obviously this guy has caught the plug with a plug!
    Why is it that beginners (or folk akin to them) think its great fun to bend into a snag…its as boring (as you’ve already commented upon) as those twallies that always say: “tight lines” or the latest drivel of “catch you later”…ugh I nearly explode everytime I hear this tripe! Thing being…the ejits that make these psuedo (media devised) fishing comments are the worst fishermen that have every walked the planet and should be banished to the golf course or the fit’ba park for insulting angling…ugh! Thats my rant for the day.

  5. You ever heard of FUN Roddie,or do you just delight in being a miserable so and so ? If insignificances such as saying a friendly ” tight lines” to another fisher bother you , then you obviously lead a very boring and unfullfilled existence and if I ever meet you again( yes we have mnet before) I’ll take great delight in wishing you “tight lines” just to have a good laugg at you “exploding ” – very scary stuff, I’m sure!!!

  6. Hi Alan
    Naw am not a miserable so and so as you described me nor have I a boring life…and frankly I don’t recall meeting you but I’ll bend to your memory. As for fun…yes I have a great sense of fun and perhaps – instead of taking the hump with, as you describe it, insignificances – you should have read the post more than once. Incidentally where did we meet as I cannie put a coupon to the name?

  7. So much for the caption competition…has anybody came up with one yet!
    How about “I think am getting the knack of using these two pound ledgering leads”.
    Least the guy in caption is not using one of those orange buoys that are sold as state-of-the-art floats…you know the ones that are just a little smaller than the average tennis ball and can be seen by satellites…the equivilent for a human is like trying to submerge a mitre 5 football for more than a couple of seconds.
    Al, come clean mate, and tell us where is that place where you fly fish for pike?

  8. Roddy – the guy in the picture is moi!

    I have had a few funny ones mailed to me – comp closes in a month.

    Information on spots should never be so easily gained – I would never be told about any spot again if I told people where I went fishing!

  9. Al,
    I didnae recognise you in that photo…maybe it was the lack of those fancy polaroids that your always wearing, ha. The pike fishing place that I was referring to was a loch and you were recently talking about the height of the water after all that rain. Should I presume that the water (caption above) is somewhere on the Forth & Firth Canal? Anyway, Al, gaunie take me pike fishing wie ye before the season finishes?!?

  10. I looked at the title of the post and the picture and was trying to figure out why it was saying urban fly fishing competition while the guy in the picture is holding a spinning rod. I guess I should have waited until after my first coffee.

    Get the big net, Myrtle fell in again, I got her now.

  11. It is supposed to be ironic james – I am just too cool when holding a fly rod – all I would get is people commenting on my sexy ass!

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