Two Urban Photo Projects – that’s right two!

So I have two projects for 2010 – it is a new decade after all.

The first project is a lone gunman affair however the second one will require your help.

Project One – 52 Tenuous Fishing Photos

I am going to produce a set of photos which remind me of fishing but which only have a tenuous link to the finer art. You see, the thing is, I often daydream meditate about fishing when doing something totally unrelated – for example being in a car wash might makes me think of a roaring river –you get the general idea. Why 52? Because there are 52 weeks in the year and  one tenuous photo per week with a short explanation should be enough or anyone. To be fair – a walk in the park where I may see a glimpse of the river may qualify.

Project Two –  Kelvinography

I want to compile a database come photo gallery of things that are named after The River Kelvin – Kelvinography if you will (many thanks to the person who came up with that wee gem).

Kelvinography - Even the Baron likes it!

There are quite literally hundreds (more probably dozens) of shops and services out there that have Kelvin in their name. Lord Kelvin was named after the river and he named his famous temperature scale after the river – I was watching the new Star Trek film the other day and what was the name of the first space ship? – that’s right “The Kelvin” – it just goes to show you just how widely travelled our wee urban river is – I bet a lot of people do not realise just how the name “Kelvin” came about – I mean in the USA when they are teaching about the Kelvin temperature scale in school do they say its named after a funky wee trout stream – I betcha they don’t!

I am going to create a special place for the gallery (probably a page on here somewhere) and I need your help – hey you guys in the places other than Glasgow don’t you be running away as I want you to be part of this as well.

Pretty much everyone carries a camera phone around with them these days so this should be pretty easy – if you see something with the name Kelvin take a picture of it and send me it. I don’t need the photo to be absolutely great quality – just make sure it is not blurry and maybe not too squint – if you cannot get the photo off your camera and you are willing to text me it contact me and I will give you my number.

Comedy pose and fishing gear is not obligatory.


  1. Stuart B · January 2, 2010

    Does that include folk called Kelvin? 🙂

  2. Chuck Graves · January 2, 2010

    “I mean in the USA when they are teaching about the Kelvin temperature scale in school do they say its named after a funky wee trout stream – I betcha they don’t!”

    Well actually, having been schooled in the USofA, we all were taught that Lord Kelvin (better known as William Thomson) was Lord of a “funky wee trout stream” called “Kelvin.”

    It’s a little known fact though that Lord Kelvin was actually fly-fishing on the Kelvin when he came up with the need for a scale whereby “infinite cold” (absolute zero) was the scale’s null point, and which used the degree Celsius for its unit increment. Lord Kelvin calculated that absolute zero was equivalent to ?273 °C on the air thermometers of the time.

    It was fecking cold while Lord Kelvin was standing in the Kelvin, and not having had a single strike all day, Lord Kelvin’s mind was a wandering. He couldn’t quite get the formula down, when he hooked a large one, and this jarred his mind enough that everything fell into place. The trout he caught that day is stuffed and in some glass case, located in some science hall on the University of Glasgow campus. The dead fishie is of course named…..Kelvin.

    Maybe one of your 52 pics could be of the Trout called “Kelvin.”

  3. Alistair · January 2, 2010

    Stuart – Nah \:-)

    Chuck – Back in the Barons day the Kelvin was a …..well it was an open sewer – if anyone fished it they would probably pull out dead bodies and…..well….shite 🙂

  4. Jockayethenoo · January 2, 2010

    I have a great idea…. you should run them here for yourself and on the forum for us followers… cough cough!!! 😎

  5. Stuart L · January 2, 2010

    Does this count? It’s a picture of the bardge on a friends fridge..

    I had to resist the temptation to pry it off and stick it to my waistcoat 😀

    Further info:

  6. Alistair · January 2, 2010

    Damn right it counts Stuart – I did not know they were still actually making them 🙂

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