1. theswami · August 15, 2010

    If by tonight you mean Sunday evening I’ll meet up with you. Weather seems quite settled at the time of writing,( 3am Sunday morning!) I,ve just returned this evening from a few days up north so I’ve no idea what the water’s like on the kelvin but I fancy a bash at the Kelvin for the trouts. It was a failed mission up north, both the deveron and the don were in spate to the point of unfishable on thurs and fri so went night fishing for seatrout on the ythan estuary on fri night – low tide coinciding with 2300hrs pitch dark – supposedly ideal for a seatrout bonanza- but howling north winds it felt like being in the middle of a north sea storm. Caught nowt. fancy a mild evening on the dry fly to recover!

  2. Alistair · August 15, 2010

    It was last night alasdair … I went to my shit pipe river however you did not miss much .. I had to work Damn hard for the trout I caught!

    Saying that I may still get out again tonight depending on whether I can get a pass … if I do get out no doubt I will meet you in the bushes down Kelvingrove park 🙂

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