Tummel – Bank Holiday Monday

A couple of weeks ago I hit the River Tummel. It was a hot bright day which was good for the in laws as they dropped me off at the river however not so good for my arms which got burnt. An interesting day as I caught a few trout and a couple of grayling – no camera unfortunately as my wife took it to take family pictures – kindly she took this one.

Grumpy at the tummel
Grumpy at the tummel

Something I love about the Tummel is that when a trout takes your fly it is very visual – you watch your fly and then from the depths you can see the trout or grayling pounce as it floats by.

Tonight I need to replenish my ranks of troops – I am down to no nymphs – i am intending an onslought at the weekend after trout.


  1. Fl3tch · July 29, 2008

    I too will have to replenish my flies.

    I lost a flybox with all my regularly used flies in it on one of my last outings :(.
    Hopefully some flyfisher found it and will use the flies as it makes me sad to think of those poor little buggers floating around in the north sea unloved and unused.

    I’m planning an away day to a loch or river in the general Fife / Central region, anyone got any suggestions as to where i should try?

  2. Stuart B · July 29, 2008

    Fl3tch…If you can get hold of the current Trout Fisherman they have a feature on Fife’s Lochs /Reservoirs ……Harperless,Craigluscar,Parkview,Drumain Resvr,Cameron Resvr,Clatto Loch,Goldenloch Fishry,Lochore Meadows ,nd Rivers Eden and Leven .
    If not these links might help


  3. Gareth · July 29, 2008

    Ah the Tummel. I remember nearly getting washed away by the force of that river last year!

    Beautiful water course though!

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