Trout Grass

When I got back from my honeymoon sitting on my doormat was a rather nice surprise, a DVD entitled Trout Grass. Written and narrated by David James Duncan. Featuring Glen Brackett, Hoagy Carmichael and Thomas McGuane. Shot on location in Southern China and Montana, Trout Grass documents the transformation of bamboo into a split-cane fly rod. It is beautifully shot with some memorable spoken words. Basically, it is the journey that every bamboo rod takes from being a strong bit of grass cut down to being on a river catching a fish.
I think even if you do not use a bamboo rod you will still enjoy this lovely journey, story and cinematography.

You can buy it through the Trout Grass web site, it costs 29.95 dollers. I will give a shout when it comes out on Amazon !