Trout: Awesome to the Max!!

Sometimes the Kelvin really surprises me and today was one of those days. I had not planned to fish today and it was on the off chance that Claire offered to drop me off that I went. I am very glad she did.
The day was a wee bit chilly with the odd shower of rain. I should have known it was going to be a nice session as on my first cast I hooked a rather nice little brownie. There were sporadic hatches of olives and even more sporadic hatches of Yellow Mays. Well, when I say sporadic hatches of Yellow Mays I mean every now and then we would see one zip past.
Alex came down to join me after a hurried lunch with his girlfriend and her parents and then we attacked the Kelvin full force. Before Alex arrived I did a little exploring winkling out some nice trout here and there and around about. I was using a little black Klinkhammer.

blc hammer
After Alex caught a tiny par using the New Zealand method of attaching a dropper to a dry fly I decided to have a bash myself and did quite well. Out of one pool I caught 2 lovely plump trout one after the other- they were both rising even though it was raining. I think I was just lucky as Alex had asked me where I wanted to fish; I said the top of the pool as secretly I loathe wading along the edge of pools in case I haphazardly fall in. Anyway, my third fish from the pool was this one…
And here is a close up to just appreciate the awesomeness of the trout. Secrecy forces me from telling you where we caught it so don’t even ask.
And to think my beloved wife thinks I look like a trunpet when I go fishing, I mean just look at me with my sexy buff around my neck?
Alex not long after caught another one, obviously not as awesome as my leviathan from the depths of the Kelvin but still a nice trout.
I was starting to get a little worried that the trout population had really suffered due to last years fish kill however it seems that some have certainly survived.
Incidentally, no trout were harmed in the writing of this post 🙂


  1. Bryan McLean · May 14, 2006

    Alright mate, Also had a great days fishing on the kelvin jsut down beside torrance bridge. i am new to the fly fishing game but i am finding it alot more exciteing and interesting tryin to match flies on the water. Anyway i landed 6 fish today the biggest jsut over a pound. i was catching on a dry fly sorry i dont know the name but was light blue and grey with some white. I did notice there was some brown looking foamy stuff at one of the banks do you know where i should report this????? cheers

  2. Alistair · May 14, 2006

    Hiya Bryan,

    Sounds like you had as good a day as us!

    I think a good person for you to give a telephone about the foamy stuff is Douglas Brown. He is the secretary for the club….his telephone number is on the permit. If you cannot get through to him you should give SEPA a telephone…there address is
    Law House
    Todd Campus
    West of Scotland Science Park
    Maryhill Road
    G20 0XA
    Tel: 0141 945 6350
    Fax: 0141 948 0006

    Let me know how you get on !


  3. Emanuele · May 14, 2006

    well done my friend,
    what an enjoyable day must have been…
    I knew it ….it was just a matter of time for the kelvin to be back as normal
    very good looking fish I have to say
    well not as good looking as you and Alex..though…:)

  4. Alistair · May 14, 2006


    I was particulary on fire that day Emanuele, it is a pity as it just goes to show what potential the Kelvin actually has !

  5. aLAN aTKINS · May 14, 2006

    i KNOW EXACTLY WHERE YOU CAYGHT THESE. i’M AFRAID YOUR COVERING UP TACTICS DON’T FOOL ME !! i MUST , HOWEVER, TAKE MY HAT OFF TO YOU AS I HAVE ALWAYS FOUND THE CONFLICTING CURRENTS AT THIS LOCATION VERY DIFFICULT TO COMBAT AND GET A DRAG FREE DRIFT. don’t worry , i won’t tell a soul. I must get out on the kelvin soon, but i can’t seem to drag me away from the Teith and its silver harvest. It looks like it is going to be a great salmon and sea trout season, cheers Alistair, we’ll hopefully get a cast together on the Kelvin soon.

  6. Alistair · May 14, 2006

    Aye, but then I trust you Alan 🙂

  7. Alan Atkins · May 14, 2006

    Absolutley, no worries there !! Great looking trout, in fact a real cut above the nrom for the Kelvin, for any river in fact. I must get out trouting again soon, well done , a testament to many hours of river observation

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