Top Tips 2#

So I was out for a walk the other day and most useful it was too. I would like to present this little photo.
To the left is the river, to the right is a path, the crosses in the middle is a kind of a indentation in the ground where the water seems to sit. Now the top tip in this situation is just to actually remember things like this. Last season I made the mistake of trying to get from the path to the river during a hot day. The water had all dried up. This led to a situation where with each step I was getting deeper and deeper into a black stinking muddy bog, clutching my rod in one hand and trying to grab on to some jaggy nettles with the other as i was in it up to my thighs.
Notice these things during the winter!! It can save yourself a lot of trouble as well keep your humility intact as there is bound to be smart ass joggers calling out with witty quips ………..booby traps will be set if I ever see THOSE guys again!!!


  1. Oh I do like this blog so. I will continue, but before I do allow me to ask: does the occupation of salt-water fisherman diverge from these paths you describe?

  2. Seemingly fishing the salt is for REAL men Todd, not ones that like the house tidy for them coming back!

  3. Ha! I think we’ve all had experiences like that Alistair. In a way, having your waders on can be good and bad. Good because you don’t get the funky black muck on your clothes, bad because they tend to weigh you down just enough to make it a hassle getting out of the stuff.

  4. Oh I agree about salt-water fly-fishing being for real men. I catch and release, but I’m still obsessed with pulling a barbless #1 out of the lip of a 50′ Striper.

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