Top Tips 1#

Here we have a typical example of a situation you may find yourself in. …
car in river
Some enterprising soul has managed to get a car into the river…..the council will have let it rust out for a good few months ,why bother moving it after all its only a trout stream …much more sense to spend my council tax on….say expensive wallpaper for the office and the like….but do not dispair…..a few fish will have taken up station behind the car and those are the ones you should concentrate on. Do not let the opportunity go to waste!!
Use any standard searching patern if they are not rising ….pity there is no such thing as the beer bottle fly….there is an endless hatch of them during the summer!!
Ta ta!!


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  2. jason · November 4, 2004

    That’s a sweet drawing Alistair. Here in the western U.S., they used old cars to prevent bank errosion. All though it was an eye-sore, it worked rather well and if you were good enough, you could always pull large browns out of those areas.

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