Those slow stretches!

A couple of weeks ago I took a walk along the Kelvin to scout out some of the slow deep stretches. The water was pretty murky and there was the inevitable cars and trolleys..
kelly dark car
After my success of catch trout on dry flies on these stretches like those I think I will be having another little bash soon. Another part of the reason I was scouting out areas was that I had forgotten my scissors and fishy pliers’. This meant if I managed to catch a fish and the fly was in the mouth I would have difficulty in getting it out!!
Oh the dilemmas!!


  1. jim moody · June 6, 2005

    hey great website and yep me legs will be safe from being eaten! glad to see all your write ups on casting a dry on running water – thought it was a forgotten sport in this neck of the woods! also good to hear of someone actually interested in phoning sepa up and caring for the river – also a foreign concept to most weegies! well think i gotto go and get a ticket for the Kelvin been hooing and haaing about it for a while but the write ups you have on the feeder streams sold me! must get a skinnier rod though as my seven wight is about as bad as a grenade on wee streams – left mine in sunny cape Town! well all the best and hope to sea you on the river soon!

  2. Alistair · June 6, 2005

    get a permit, get some dry flies and get fishing 🙂

  3. jason · June 6, 2005

    Those old junker cars in the river are great holds for trout. I’d bet money there are some big browns lingering among them. They’ve used old cars to prevent bank errosion for years on the Jefferson River up in Montana. I remember stripping a leech pattern close by the wreck would always produce big hits.

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