The trouble within FORK?

Meanwhile, what the hell is going down with FORK?

And who's idea was the Cormorant?

Dodgy bookeeping?

The Office of the Scottish  Charity Regulator  has refered the Friend’s of the River Kelvin to
OSCR Compliance. You will see this if you check out the OSCR website

I assume this is due to the fact that FORK has not submitted audited accounts since 2007 etc etc

You will be aware of the ongoing FORK management problems. Which are being addressed!

Hopefully this issue can be resolved before FORK is fully investigated and struck off as a Charity due to management inadequacies with all of the bad publicity etc


Shock resignations:

Resignation as FORK Secretary and Other FORK Positions as of 30 September 2011

I have failed in my attempts to ‘sort out FORK’ affairs before the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulators took action.

As a result it is my duty not to seek reelection at the 1 October FORK Annual General Meeting

I would have resigned with immediate effect but there needs to be an orderly transfer of duties during the wind down and the need to be available for OSCR officials.

All I can say is I tried my best but failed.

They appear to be taking a much more West End approach to problems – personally, I blame the whole lot on the Cormorant.

Links between the River Kelvin Angling Association and Friends of the River Kelvin have been great over the last few years since the association took on a new direction, for years I did not understand why the two did not get on and then I found out that the two old dinosaurs that created them fell out 20 years ago when the FORKS founders dog bit Dougie Brown (RKAA founder) – consequently years of mistrust and bickering ensued.

Anyway, I hope FORK pull through soon – they are really a great wee organisation.

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  1. Daviec · September 7, 2011

    Wow whats happened with Fork?..not on the river you miss everything lol

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