The River Kelvin – Future Looking Poor?

Was reading a forum solely dedicated to salmon fishing and they were talking about the Kelvin. One chap mentioned that over the last few years he has witnessed the tributaries full of spawning fish in December – this year nothing! He does have a picture of a diseased hen fish  in one of the tributaries.


Check out the link

There is talk of employing bailiffs and the permit price being put up to £20.

It would be good to see some changes regarding the Salmon fishing – especially as how next season I intend to have a few casts with the Salmonator!

You guys all know my views – if not you can read them here and then after a little more thought here

I do not think I can face attending the AGM – the same old bullshit will be spoken about.  Before anyone votes for a rise in ticket price you should think about what exactly you are getting for your money – absolute sweet Fanny Adams springs to mind (I was well constrained there language wise). If I remember correctly the club rents the Salmon rights for only a few hundred pounds off the Crown – so what the heck are they doing with the rest of the money?

  • No Signs
  • No Bailiffs
  • No fish habitat improvement
  • A lot of other stuff which to be honest I cannae be bothered going into – maybe you can in the forum. 

I received an email from someone yesterday asking me for the website address for the “official” site of the River Kelvin Angling Association – don’t make me laugh I thought – these guys cannot even get around to painting some words on a bit of wood never mind getting together a website. Anyway, I had already told the club I was perfectly willing to put announcement’s for them on the Kelvin site as well as here however they never took me up on the offer.

Maybe someone could suggest contacting me at the AGM – seeing as how I am probably the most contactable angler in Scotland (my only claim as an angler unfortunately) it should not be that difficult.

Instead of putting the prices up to £20 I have a better idea – lets say the salmon rights cost £2000 and there are 1000 members – drop the permit price to £2 and ask that everyone join the Friends of the River Kelvin