River Kelvin Wishlist – take two

Ok – so the last time I posted the wish list everyone went bonkers – I thought about what everyone said and so have now ammended my  list.

Now, maybe I am being mean posting about Salmon fishing on the Kelvin seeing as how I do not do it, however considering the increasing runs of Salmon and an influx of Salmon anglers I think it is relevant to this die hard trout angler that some form of action plan is put in place to protect this recovering resource. I would also like to think that if I do fancy trying to catch a Salmon at some point in the future there might actually be some left. Even our resident Salmon fisher (although we dont hold that against him much) Charlie Dunn is complaining about the increased numbers of anglers.

So without further ado these are the minimum actions I would like to see in place:

  1. Signs to be put up at strategic parts of the river stating a permit is required.
  2. The river to be patrolled by a qualified bailiff and a number of informal wardens to assist.
  3. The Vet School to be made fly only and catch and release – however this part of the river shall not be stocked. Other parts of the river should be stocked.
  4. Five Salmon to be kept in any one season -a tagging system to be in place.
  5. Catch and Release of trout to be encouraged – trout over 12 inches to be returned.
  6. A separate ticket for Salmon and Trout – Trout permit £15 and Salmon permit £30 (Some money to be spent on a hatchery)
  7. A protection order be sought as there is a need for conservation on the river (not sure how feasible this is) Have a look at the Don’s.

Protection Orders are granted in response to proposals from owners or occupiers of freshwater fishing rights. In return for statutory protection to their fisheries, fishery owners are required to demonstrate that a significant increase in the availability of fishing for freshwater fish within the area proposed will arise. 

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Ok – so not much has changed – although I like to think that I am meeting a lot of folks half way.

There are still no signs at all along the whole course of the river – nothing to say a club is in existence which leads to widespread poaching of both salmon and trout. From what I gather you can fish the river for trout without a permit (at least that was what I was told by the old chairman) however it still makes sense to buy one.

There are no qualified bailiffs on the river, the people I speak to have never seen the volunteer ones either – that just isn’t right. Salmon were being caught and killed well into November last year – they were black fish too.

Am I being unreasnable?