The River Home

Here is a good book. It is called The River Home by Jerry Dennis

From the Publisher
Join Jerry Dennis On A Journey Down THE RIVER HOME
“When you’re rooting around in the water or the woods, miles from the nearest strip mall and office complex, nobody is likely to judge you by your clothing or your skin color or your political orientation, and if they do you don’t give a damn anyway. Fishing frees you of such nonsense. If you want society, convention, comfort, and safety, stay home. If you want your life to be a joyous romp, get outside.” – Excerpt from “Eight Days of Hendricksons” in THE RIVER HOME

I have been reading it over the last month or so, it is very good!


  1. David · February 12, 2006

    What is it makes a writer able to capture the essence of the river experience? Frank Soos and Harry Middleton and a ton of others have done it for me. Even my wife who isn’t the slightest bit interested in fly fishing gets captured by the prose.

  2. Alistair · February 12, 2006

    Another book that sums it up well is “TRout Madness: , being a dissertation on the symptoms and pathology of this incurable disease by one of its victims” By Robert Traver.


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