The postman never knocks!

I see Bag of Bears came up with an interstening article. Speaking of postman I once knew one who went home after a heavy morming puting envelopes through letterboxes to find that it was going to be a roasting hot day. To take advantage of this and to catch up on some well needed Zeds he covered himself in olive oil and went to sleep in the sun. When he woke up in casualty later he was annoyed that he they would not ley him go clubbing with his new tan.


  1. Dale Netherton · February 13, 2006

    Ah ,but have you ever fell asleep in a hammock after a long day’s paddling,dozing off in the shade and waking up in the shade and finding the sun has been on you the whole sleepin time? It was in Northern Minnesota where the summer days are long and the summer sun fries an exposed hammock sleeper. I got the shakes, a fever and was sick as a dog for two days. I didn’t feel like “clubbin”.

  2. Dale Netherton · February 13, 2006

    Oh by the way. This is a fantastic website. I recommended it to to my friends, limited as they are.

  3. Alistair · February 13, 2006

    In fact now that I think about it he did in fact go clubbing……although he did say he was so pumped full of drugs that he felt numb anyway…..oh well !


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