The otter surprise……

A rather nice article from Scotland on Sunday

My self-diagnosed minor ailment seems to affect the unfortunate angler when grayling fishing is on the wane, the chance of a spring salmon is relatively remote, and when the start of trout fishing remains tantalisingly out of reach

Reads like poetry!!

4 comments to The otter surprise……

  • sharkie

    This post reminded me when I was camping at River Verdy in Arizona, USA. While we were resting in the open around the camp fire, a racoon came out from nowhere and “marked” our tent!!!

    A skunk did the same thing in the day but thank God that the markings were actually on the bush. Phew!

  • Alistair


    I couldnt resist it, the blog was just not “fishy” enough


  • Mik

    what kind of fish do you have up there???
    maybe you shouldn´t angle near the power plant heh 😉

  • Alistair

    I mostly fish for brown trout on the Kelvin. Well if the truth be told that is ALL i fish for apart from the odd spinning session for Pike 🙂