Oh yea, people ask me why I dont like people bait fishing. Actually I dont mind people fishing bait. It is people fishing with a SET LINE that I do not like. I regulary talk to guys fishing bait down on the river, generally that use floats and maggots/worms.wasp grubs. Pretty skillful guys and do well.
I would just like to point this out

Fishing by rod and line
Section 24(1) of the 1951 Act, as amended by section 8(6) of the 1986 Act, defines rod and line as:

“single rod and line with such bait or lure as is lawful at the passing of this Act and, in the case of fishing for salmon in an area to which and at a time during which regulations made under section 8 of the Salmon Act 1986 apply, is not specified in such regulations in respect of that area and time”.

This definition has been taken to mean that the use of double rod fishing, cross line fishing, set lines, otter fishing, burning the water etc is actually illegal.
So if you use two rods and are set lining it is actually illegal. Even though this is down on the permit anyway doesnt matter a jot as all it means is that guys disregard it anyway /

Moan over.