The dawn that never was..

Up at 0300 on Saturday morning for a dawn raid on a Pike venue – dawn was scheduled for 0430 however when the guys came to pick me up just before 0400 (by jings early as well) the dawn was already in the sky – by the time we got to the venue it was proper light – it was also clear skies with a light wind – a perfect morning.  Turned out we were correct – it was a perfect morning – for staying in bed… still Alan managed to wangle his usual couple of fish when no-one else is catching – at least he had a witness this time – “Got one” he shouted..

Bad news - that is no Pike
Bad news - that is no Pike

Turned out it was a cheeky wee Perch – in all the time I have fished this venue I have never had a Perch…

Good on a BBQ
Good on a BBQ

We fished on – I spotted a few Pike which gave a little hope however they were just not for chasing or taking any flies – obviously a combination of the pressure change and bright sunlight was making them particularly belligerent on this fine morning – we fished on….Bang – Alan landed another Perch…

The Perch Meister - must be pheremones or something!
The Perch Meister - must be pheremones or something!

Alex disappeared from view…

He was fishing here a moment ago

Turns out that when you get up ridiculously early and the fish are not biting you can get some kip just about anywhere – including the middle of a loch..

Better than a float tube!

One of the main advantages of sleeping in the middle of a loch is that you are not affected by the evil blood sucking Culicoides Impunctatus – the dreaded Scots midge. Yes my friends – those evil little bastards are out – I apologise for the use of language however if you have fallen victim to the insatiable  appetite then you will be giving a wry smile – if not then imagine a tickle, which turns into an itch which then stings a bit – now multiply that by a thousand all over every exposed part of your body combined with a funny high pitched zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ noise.

I am itching just thinking about them – many a strong man has fled his partner due to their evil bite, many a camper had abandoned their tent and driven 90mph along dirt tracks to get to the nearest Bed n’ Breakfast – I myself have beaten a hasty retreat when out for a country stroll – nothing stops them apart from a womens face cream which just makes them stick to you – they laugh at 100% deet!

Phew – I got off on a bit of a tangent their – bottom line – we caught nowt and I am now in need of deep sleep.


  1. Well after my post about people fishing on friday night, going by the pictures there it was your friend that goes by the name of Alan that i saw! Is he a member on the forum?

  2. Alistair, i really enjoyed our dawn raid on Saturday , even it we didn’t bump into essox. It has whetted my appetite and can i suspect that i”l not be able to rest until we go back after the leviathans!

  3. I could be wrong which would be quite funny! But Alan, i am sure it was yourself who was fishing near the FORK building on friday night? There was another chap too…. I’m the guy who said i was fishing with a deer hair emerger to no avail, ended up with one on a pheasant tail nymph after nae luck with the dries. Its amazing on the kelvin that you may already partly know someone before you ever meet them! haha

  4. Hi Al,
    Where is this venue? I thought (at first) it looked like Lomond but the other pictures told a different story…so where is it?
    Regards the midgies…a number of years back I was told that you should drink a lot of whisky, and while is does not stop the midgies from biting, you have the knowledge that you’ll (at least) give them a hangover! If you hate midgies; stay clear of the Picketlaw Reservoir (just above Eaglesham) as this must rate as midgie central.

  5. Scotty, it was me fishing the other night below the halfpenny bridge. The trout were being super picky and o only managed 2 to the dry fly

  6. Amazing who you meet/see on the internet! Next time we cross paths we should have a wee chat! Out of interest what did you manage to get them on? I’m just new to river fishing, dry fly technique has still to be cracked!

  7. Scotty 9 have also meet Alan a couple of times at the spot you referred to. Its greet to put a face to the name and find out what the fish are taking.That may have been myself as I also was there when Alan was at this spot on the river. Alan your suggestion to use a Hare’s Ear nymph worked well on Saturday night caught three good size fish lost about 3or4 more. That big one had another go at my fly but again jumped clear out the water and threw the fly straight back at me. Fish only came on between 9.30pm – 10.00pm nothing before that due to the heat.

  8. Hi Jim, were you the chap fishing most of the time (well when i was there anyway) below the big tree that covers half the water? You probably heard the panic of my wee brother when he caught a bat! I couldn’t help but laugh, mainly at his terrified reaction! It was his first time out on the river so a bat was probably the last thing he expected.

  9. That was me Scotty9 after the big trout thats beat me the couple of times. Could hear your brother say he had hooked a bat. Think this bats big brother is after your brother it’s name is Dracula. Hope he has better luck next time he’s at the river.

  10. Alistair hpoe I got it right you should get the photo’s I hope I’ve done it right.

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