The Clyde – two weeks early

A short report.

Hit the Upper Clyde yesterday with a pal. It was bright sunshine with a chill in the air. There was a few Large Dark Olives coming off the water but did not see any trout rising at all.

As you can see, Allan is about as stealthy as Emanuelle when it comes to river fishing 🙂

On speaking to the bailiff we were told that we were about two weeks early for “proper” fly fishing. He had a creel with a couple of fat trout he had caught using Gadgers ie large stonefly nymphs. He had also caught a few Grayling up to around the 2lb mark which left us looking a bit inadequate.

I also tried out my new chest pack – supplied by those kind people over at Orvis.

I am putting together a review over the next week or so. I have spent the last couple of weeks getting to know all its wee secrets  which i will share with you when I have thoroughly put it through its paces.


  1. Saturday’s session has just whetted my appetite and i’m sure that we will see the full potential of this particular stretch in the coming weeks, the baliff did make me feel somewhat inadequate, but he has been fishing that stretch for 40 years ! I may take a half day on Friday and head back .i’ll be in touch

  2. Went down to Kelvin today caught 3 nice fish at about 1 lb mark then got a bonus 0ne at nearer the 1 1/2lb. Great couple of hours and are my first fish season. Hope it continuous.

  3. As usual Jim puts us all to shame – I mind last year you had a bit of a bumper start to the season when I was dragging my heels regarding my Kelvin outings 🙂

  4. Alan ,three on a black and green peacock spider & one on the dry olive dun. Man on his bike stopped to have a look as I hooked the 2nd fish. He was amazed just how big the fish was as he thought there would only be very small fish in the river. Alistair may try Allander today. Look out fish here I come.

  5. Jim, a great start to the season. I have yet to have a cast on the Kelvin this season, but hope to get out on Friday . I always think that the river fishes well at the beginning of the season

  6. Alan atkins ?
    Alan I think you may be the chap I know of…
    Hope your fishing goes well…
    and yes the lads at the top end of the Clyde at Abington etc do
    know their stuff. Much respect to the Clyde river wardens. Early finish for me and river Clyde it is….

  7. Simon, good to hear from you. I think i saw you walking just before Shawlands cross last Sunday. Good to hear you are still fishing. You can get in touch through this site or e-mail me at We should try and hook up for a cast and catch up

  8. Sounds good, Weel done to the site owners here as I have been popping in on this site for sometime. I used to fish in the Kelvin when I lived in that part of town and I have also seen Salmo the leaper charging up the kelvin at Kelvinbridge !! good luck all on the new season and I`ll maybe see you chaps up the top end of the Clyde !!! Alan thanks for the call, yes lets “catch” up over a wet line and all.

  9. Its 2.30 Am sat morning….and I`m getting sorted to head to the upper wards of the Clyde….fingers crossed GADGER imitations at the ready….Cheers folks …lets plan a good trip soon..lifes too short to not fish anytime you can.

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