The Canal again!!

It started off as a Pike fishing trip to the Kelvin. We were supposed to be going to the river to scout out places to spin for Pike, then at a later date to deadbait for Pike. Then when we had actually worked out where the Pike hung out ……fly fish for them. As it is like the couple of proper duffers we are we couldnt find a parking space so ended up at the canal at Kirkintiloch…or there abouts.
And a lovely day it was as well, crisp,cold and sunny . Pretty rubbish for Pike if the truth be told……I am not a big Pike expert, it seems to be a very much a chuck it and chance it affair……anyways it was a bloody waste of time….I could have walked 10 mins out my door and got better action at the stretch of the canal near me.
I also have the infamous…”firhill basin” close by…
firhill basin
….where many a person says…”aye…big pike caught…up at the basin….big as yer leg mate”. Possibly I will head up for a shot early morning!!

On the way back home I remmembered something from my youth. There is a hiden lochan behind some flats close to where I grew up. I thought I would drop in for a gander to see if there was any fish in it……ignoring all the “private residents only” signs we parked the car in the wrong place and tramped in the rough direction of where it was. ….Couldnt find it anywhere and then then we nearly fell in the damn thing..
Its quite big, deep, with no way you could make a cast…there is weeds all round it…..well not weeds….rushes….those things…tall spikey things…I cannae mind what they are called. Anyway…hopeless!!

On the way back to the car there was an elderly lady getting out her car. We slinked towards the car and she started calling to us….”there is NO through road here” She must have mistook us for a couple of miscreants. We went over and I explained in my best voice that we had just wanted to look at the loch, she started to go on about the car park being for residents only (its awfull posh) we apologised profusely and with another stern warning we slinked off.
Any bets she was chairman of the local Neighbourhood watch scheme……probably away to log our visit……awwww bless her!!!