That Friday Feeling!

I got that Friday feeling – thankfully this week it was actually yesterday – today I had a day off –  physiotherapy has instructed me to make sure my ankle does not seize up so I scheduled in a walk along the Kelvin valley – the boy accompanied me!

First stop was the entrance into the Botanic Gardens – it was here we started as we got the bus along to the top of Byres Road – the smell of Spring hits you as soon as you walk in the park.

BAM - a whole lot of Spring right in yer face!

There is nothing nicer than the heavy smell of damp pollen in the air – it just smells so earthy and ….well –  alive I suppose!

It was at this point it started pissing down with rain so we decided to get into one of the glasshouses to look at the fish – the boy instantly spotted some Carp – a roughfisher he may be.

The boy spies fish - good job bars are in the way!

The boy spies fish - good job the bars are in the way!

The Kelvin had some colour to it and was above summer levels – I could still see rocks on the bottom of the pools – it was overcast and showery and the temp was pretty good – I would say it maxed out at around 15 degrees – all in al fantastic fishing weather – which is probably why in the couple of miles that I walked I only met one fisher and he was using bait at a weir.

Lovely pool - perfect height - of course totally barren of anglers!

Lovely pool - totally barren of anglers!

Later on I had a run in with the infamous employed dog walking people – two people had around a dozen dogs with them and looked suitably “doggy” with welly boots and funny looking plastic handle thingies to throw balls so they do not get their hands all slimy from dog saliva – these people are infamous as they are known to encourage their dogs to enter pools that anglers are in the process of fishing. A couple of the dogs ran up and started to lick the boys face and hands as he had been eating a sandwich – the boy got a fright and started to cry loudly – this attracted the other dogs – dog lady was not really making an effort to get the dogs away – she did kinda half apologise however she then lost control of the main big black dog and it stole her jacket – my boy was crying and we were surrounded by dogs – he was at their level – look I was a bit annoyed ok – all it would have taken was for one of those dogs to just lose it for a moment and they could have bit my boy.

“Feck Off” – I hissed (or something like that) – They must have heard me as after a brief panic and and a few forced smiles from me they eventually fecked off.

Lovely pool - again totally barren of anglers!

I notice that we are supposed to have a dip in temp over the next couple of days – the forecast was certainly not good for today however I would have loved to be fishing today – I would have certainly felt hopeful –  there was lots of insect activity – I could not stick around in any one spot long enough to look for risers however I am sure they would have been there.

So – anyone get out today?

Been bothered by herds of dog walkers?

Are you a dog walker bothered by anglers?


  1. scotty9 · April 30, 2010

    That last pool saw a nice wee trout for me at the end of last season and as I turned toward the other riser a couple yards upstream….

    “Sploosh” there’s the ball followed by two dogs. Now I was fairly visible, standing in a relatively open bit of river, well at least where the railings are and casting a line upstream. Don’t know if some people do it intentionally or they just don’t think about fisherman.

  2. Squigster · April 30, 2010

    Don’t get me started about dog walkers!!!!

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