Thanking you guys!

A quick thanks to everyone who has sent me congratulations via the comments or email  – I have hardly had a chance to get on the computer never mind make a post or join in the forum banter.

I had this dream that I may manage a few days off trout fishing while I am off work for this month – turns out they allow you the time off for a reason #grin#

Anyway – I am aware I have now fallen waaaaaay behind in my weekly water photo picture by around three weeks – I have some nice ideas and will post them this week – meanwhile I need to enjoy my fishing experience through you guys so let me know what you are catching in the comments or forum.

Save my Sanity!


  1. Only thing i have caught is for the second time a virus immediately on clicking onto the website.First time at 22.05 on 29th May,and now 1st June at 22.00.My anti virus program AVIRA PLUS does not specify the source of the virus;just says Urban Fly Fisher etc.HTML/infected web page.GEN2(virus)found.(thankfully blocked)Cant imagine that this is only happening on my computer.

  2. Right – I should really make a post about this – the site does not have a virus – you guys have a virus scanner that picks up iframes as a virus – the amazon ad I used to display in the right hand bar used to sit in an iframe – I have now deleted it 🙂

    You should not have any more problems.


  3. Thanks a lot Alistair.Appreciate that your time is at a premium at present.Hope you manage to find an odd couple of hours to flog the water.

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