Tenuous fishing photos 48/52

I was raking around my Mother n’ Laws computer (that I built) and found some pictures that my sister n’ law took a couple of years ago when she came Pike fishing with me – I had been on a roll for a few months catching enormous Pike on the fly every time I hit the loch, she is a budding artist and wanted to take some photos. Anyway, I regaled her with stories of enormous beasts from the depths however on this day I managed to catch bugger all and she retired to my car for heat and left me to it.

Tenuous fishing photos 48/52

So basically she took some photos of me casting badly with enormous flies and walking sheepishly to the bank-side – she even bought waders for the fun.  The plan was for me to cast the monstrosities and then give her the rod to retrieve the fly and play a Pike. She got bored with this and found being waist deep in freezing cold water not much fun.

Phew – only 4 pictures left of my (sometimes) weekly photo project – want me to do it again next year? I am thinking of actually opening it up to you guys to send in photos – what do you think?

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  1. Paul Mac · December 4, 2010

    I fished this bay my first time ever fly fishing hooked up after 4 hours of nothing and that old tree stump on the right hand side of ur photo the cunt wrapped round that a spat the hook lol inexpieriece on my part should have freed him quicker but was to slow still never caught a pike on fished for them that once but al be back to the bay is the fly half decent for there

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