Tenuous Fishing Photos 4/52

It is me – walking past some tree stumps:

Ok – obviously this is an old photo right – however I can remember that walk (I almost fell down a cliff) and can remember what I was thinking as I walked past those tree stumps – can you guess?

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  1. buster · January 27, 2010


    Is that up the Old Kilpatrick Hills by any Chance?

  2. Alistair · January 27, 2010

    That walk was up Ben Venue – the picture was taken around July time.

  3. suburban bushwacker · January 27, 2010

    Guess? No mate I’m stumped.

    I’ll get my coat

  4. Hillend Dabbler · January 27, 2010

    You Thought…. Now I know I’m a flyfisher but I wonder if there are any worms under there to trot doon the Kelvin.

  5. Alistair · January 27, 2010

    I was wondering if there were any fish in the burn I was about to jump over 🙂

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