Tenuous Fishing Photos 14/52

I should really try and get these out earlier than the end of the week – next week (tomorrow or today if you are reading this on Monday) will be the 15th week which should be pretty interesting as the trout season is now under way – I only have one problem – I have somehow managed to lose my camera battery charger and lead to transfer photos on to my computer – I will get it sorted though – what makes it even more annoying is the fact I went fishing today and am now unable to get the photos to you guys – ah well.

Which brings us to the 13th tenuous fishing photo – I tried to take a photo of my son through this bit of stone work using my new HTC Hero Android Smartphone however it takes so long to take a picture he had started to move off…

Tenuous Fishing Photos 13/52

Anyone who fishes the Kelvin should know this stonework – leave your guesses in the comments.

By the way – I cannot believe nobody noticed my my one a week tenuous fishing photos included two for week twelve – actually it was just the numbers that got mixed up.

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  1. Jim Burns · April 11, 2010

    Need to make it harder Alistair some of the old stonework is under the bridge. VET SCHOOL.

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