Talking of best catches…

I noticed Murdock over at Flyfish Magazine is posting pictures of his wife to gain some brownie points – nice thinking !

Here is a picture of my long suffering wife of three years (to be fair though we have been together 12) 

Do I need to tell you what she puts up with?

Maybe all the fly fishing bloggers should start a theme over the next few weeks – post a picture of your long suffering partner!

Tom Chandler does not need to – I see he has already posted his trophy wife.


  1. The Trout Underground · November 16, 2008

    Hubba hubba. Lucky for you her seeing eye dog took a liking to you, eh?

  2. Simon Graham · November 16, 2008

    Not a bad Idea seeings my partner loves fishing and anything to do with the past time.Have to worn you all though she has a face like a yaks arse and an arse like a yaks face….bang goes those points you were talking about.

  3. Alistair · November 16, 2008

    Tom – pedigree chum biscuits was the key !

    Simon- I dunno Simon – the photos we seen of her arse looked no bad!!

  4. Matt · November 16, 2008

    Nice post Alistair! I’ve jumped on the bandwagon and written a brief testiment to the owd girl…….

  5. Murdock · November 16, 2008


    Excellent post. We certainly are lucky men!

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