Tackle found in Partick

Hello chaps,

Recieved a contact from a Kelvinator who states he has found some tackle in the Partick area next to the river – if anyone knows who it belongs to then please get in touch – I am assuming of course anyone who has lost the item will know what it is and will be able to identify it so no random emails asking for rods 🙂


  1. Tom Chandler · August 27, 2007

    You know, this weekend I secretly flew from Northern California to Scotland and fished a number of rivers, accidentally leaving behind a large amount of gear, including several filled fly boxes, a vest, a high-end fly rod and a very expensive reel, though it’s possible I didn’t lose them all in the same place, so each and every thing in the list above could have been found on its own.

    Of course, I’d agree to pay all the shipping costs to return my gear to me… 😎

  2. suburban bushwacker · August 27, 2007

    how about a random email thanking him for his public spirtiedness?

  3. Alistair · August 27, 2007

    I am shocked you did not look in on me Tom – anyway just tell me the colour of the item and we can match you up with it 😉

    suburban bushwacker, I am actually most impressed in this day and age of “finders keepers” that someone is making an atempt to return something they found on the river bank.

    Alas, poor Alex (fishing buddy) was not so lucky after losing a rod – noone was kind enough to hand it in, he seems to be having a run of bad luck this year after destroying his other rods in a car door in two seperate occasions – the curse of the nymph ?


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