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It is my birthday today (Easter Monday) and it is a nice chilled out day with the family. I plan to do some  urban fishing tomorrow with Theo Pike and then some non urban stuff on Friday all going well.

Reader numbers have jumped in the last month or so – probably due to the start of the season so I thought I would tell you the few ways you can actually get the content of this blog and the ways you can support it. You can get the contact by

  • Come to this old page.
  • On the left side bar you will see a wee box where you can add your email address and receive posts direct to your email – I will never pass your email into anyone else by the way and you can unsubscribe at any time.
  • You can subscribe to my RSS feed. In order to subscribe to an RSS feed or newsfeed you will need two things, an RSS reader (also known as a news aggregator) and url (web address) of the RSS feed that you wish to subscribe. For example probably the most common RSS reader around these days is Google Reader – go and check it out. My feed is located up at the top right of this page – it says postse with a little symbol next to it – click it and then click “subscribe with Google”

Every now and again people get in contact with me to ask how they can support the site – you can do this a number of ways:

  • You can send me cold hard cash via PayPal – in the left hand side bar there is a “Tip Me” button.
  • You can simply buy stuff from Amazon – every time you go to Amazon and buy something through any link from Urban Fly Fisher I get a few pence – those pence mount up. It does not even have to be something I recommend – it can be anything – just simply click the link before you buy anything!
  • You can send me an Amazon gift certificate.

You may have noticed I have a thing for Amazon – this is because my Fortress of Solitude otherwise known as my study has now been turned into Nursery Number Two which has left me without a decent computer as their is now no space in my house for a desktop – consequently I need to get myself a good laptop. The laptop I have my eye on is this one:

Samsung R730 17.3 inch Notebook (Intel Core i3-380M Processor, 2.53GHz, 4GB RAM, 640GB HD, DVDSMDL, WLAN, Webcam, Windows 7 Home Premium) – Red/Silver

I am such a geek 🙂

I am almost half way there to getting it – I am looking forward to writing on something a little better than my ten inch notebook or my mobile phone. Actually blogging from my phone is kinda fun – in fact that is where the majority of the weekly water photos come from. You may remember last year I missed weeks – well now I have one of those fancy Android Smartphones I can write posts on the go and snap water as I see it.



  1. daviec · April 25, 2011

    Happy B’day…heard mark fell in the other day..Lol missed a fantastic youtube moment..Just a wee note to say was out yesterday and the hatch on the river was something else..looked like some sort of sedge..also saw the famous 2 lb trout rising around the transport museum (the old one)

  2. alan atkins · April 25, 2011

    I was present for Mark’s double dunking , a seminal moment ! I reckin the hatch will have been grannom, which are sedges. I saw a great hatch on the river on Thursday evening , but only a couple of trout responded !

  3. Daviec · April 25, 2011

    Lol Alan i always miss these events lol..theres a couple of pics on the pike and salmon forum with the hatch..there where a few trout about rising for them

  4. robbie c · April 25, 2011

    Was nearly crying reading about your eviction and it touched my heart so badly that i sent you a wee donation via paypal towards your laptop.If the kids are making too much noise,off to the shithouse and bar the door.:-)

  5. Alistair · April 25, 2011

    YOu are a scholar and a gentleman – expect a personal email 🙂

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