Stung on the face with nettles whilst being rained on!

So after praying for rain for weeks it finally came, just as I and Alex arrived at the Kelvin. It was pissing it down and to make things even worse I had forgotton my lucky hat! We were doomed from the beginning. Alex even fell in but by this point it did not really make much diffirence as the rain was so heavy anyway.

What made it even more galling was that the conditions had been perfect all day, overcast/warmish.

In between heavy rain I put on a little dry fly and managed to rise one fish which promtly spat the fly out! When we started fishing the water was crystal clear, after a few hours it was very coloured with bits of weed tangling up on our flies.
To get out of where we were fishing we had to scramble through bushes which is where I got stung on the face with nettles.


Ah yes, urban angling at its best!!

Looking forward to my next outing already!!

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  • […] It’s funny, as the night before we noted that we have never actually fished together in good conditions, it’s either been too hot or raining or just plain wild weather. Now to add to our little collection of bizarre fishing trips it was too damn cold. We were optimistic, all the books tell you that rainbows are not bothered by the cold much more the heat, so we were both quietly optimistic (we were not going to settle for anything less than bloodlust/ killfest until our limit was reached). As it turned out Brian the owner of Harelaw did not have much to worry about from these two geniuses. His advice was traditional flies fished slow, traditional as in something small and black. After that didn’t work I decided on something big pink and sparkly, it still didn’t work. […]

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