Staying in bed…

Driving a few hundred miles up the road to Scotland to England I managed to see first hand the countryside changing to one covered with snow. The borders were probably the worst and the news went on about people being trapped in cars and only to travel if absolutely necessary. However that was a few days ago now and most of the snow has now disappeared and that is the problem – it will all have gone straight into the rivers meaning a distinct lack of grayling action. Armed with this info when I was asked by the gruesome twosome Alex and Alan if I wanted to accompany them for some grayling action I decided to stay in my bed. There is always a danger in doing this as days where you think everything might go wrong can possibly turn out to be fantastic however I decided to go with my instincts and got out of bed at a leisurely 1030.

Turns out I was spot on – I gave them a bell in the afternoon “oh sure” said Alan “I have just had two, combined weight around 2lb” Yegads, I thought, my highly tuned anglers sense has let me down (not for the first time have I cursed that flabby muscle) should I immediately start planning a drive up to a local grayling haunt. However, it turns out they were merely pulling my leg, after arriving at the river to find a flood of biblical proportions they turned around (a round trip of almost 200 miles)  and ended up at Harelaw. They are obviously of sturdier stuff than me; I would have probably suggested a light pub lunch and a discussion of tactics for this coming year.


  1. alan atkins · January 6, 2008

    Alistair, days like Alex and i experienced yesterday are good for the soul ! There nothing like a long and ultimately fruitless drive to a river running in a biblical flood to toughen your resolve for the rigours of the coming season !! The river, when we could distinguish it from the fields, was an angry beast and at least gave Alex an opportunity to use his new camera. Admitedly , i did feel slightly unclean after a day’s stocking bashing, but a bracing day it was and we both returned home cold, hungry but happy at fishing on the day that nearly wasn’t.

  2. Alistair · January 6, 2008

    After my relaxing long lie I got out of bed at 1030 and made my way to the Glasgow Angling centre where I bought some fly tying materials and waggled some fly rods. I was then told a top place to catch some monster Pike in the coming months by a member of staff. I then went for a spot of tapas washed down with some rather nice wine with my wife. The end of my day was tying up some nymphs for the coming season while listening to some new CDs I recived for crimbo.

    I am sorry I missed that soul enhancing day of cold! 😉

  3. Alex · January 6, 2008

    I’m sorry that you’ll be tucked up in bed with your tapas and red wine when Alan and I are ravaging your new monster pike haunt!

  4. Emanuele · January 6, 2008

    you r becoming a pussy my friend…..
    giving up a cold fishless day 200 miles away for some lovely tapas and prolific fly tying ……you must be really out of your mind….

    guys, I miss you all

  5. Andy · January 6, 2008

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    Tight lines!

  6. · January 6, 2008

    I know all about the hell that ice and snow can deliver. But where I am from we revel in it. It is called ice fishing. And it is one of the best things to do in a Canadian winter besides sex.

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