What is it that tells you guys that Spring is finally here?

For me it is when I finally see those first flowers of yellow as I travel up the Great Western Road.


I watch them snake all the way along the central reservation – sadly they are only ever there for a few weeks and their departure I always find a little sad – still, their sharp exit means the leaves will be back on the trees soon – this usually seems to happen in April/ May – one minute the trees are bare and the next suddenly they are full of life!

I think we Anglers look for these signs more than others  – perhaps not gardeners 😉

What signs do you look for in Spring?


  1. Paul Young has replied about the daffies in the thread about “Fishing Pals : Alex and Mike ” Is this THE Paul Young I’ve been asking myself ?

  2. Oh yeah…I’d forgotten about him . I used to quite like his music . 🙂
    Wonder what he’s doing now?

  3. The spring equinox for me. This marks the point at which day becomes longer than night, and usually coincides with a noticeable increase in temperature, sunlight and general well-being!

    Last year, we had hail storms for two weeks after the equinox, so it doesn’t always hold true!
    However, fingers crossed; this year the weather seems a lot more ‘normal’ so far.

    tight lines all


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