Nah not really but i did catch a trout the other day whilst spinning. Technically we were spinning for Pike. I had been talking about going for a walk with a pal for a while now from Milngavie and walking right down beside the allander to where it joins the kelvin and then walk from there along the kelvin to the vet school.
He had done very little fishing before so i took an old telescopic rod and some mepps to see if we could entice some Pike.

Anyway….here is a picture of the fish pass in Milnagvie, hopefully where some of those Salmon from the kelvin get to.

You know its funny because sometimes its not the fishing that makes a nice day out…in this case it was the wildlife

We also seen a familly of Stoats which was pretty amazing

Heres a picture of EM walking across the fallen tree from the fallen tree stretch