Sorting out tackle!

So the last time I went to a little stream I used my little 3 wt that I had not used before. One of the first things that I noticed was that the sections kept coming apart. It is a little custom made rod so all I had to do was put a little wax around the ferules and that should hold it nice and firm..
rod wax
I did not use any special kind of wax ……just plain old Ikea candle wax…..does the job just fine. The second thing that I had to do was strip off all the line from my 3 wt reel and put on some more backing. I did not put on enough backing so I found that the line was coiling pretty bad……I just added around 25-35ys and that was it just prefect..
Finally I went through my fly box and took out all the flies that I use regulary and put them into my new fly box. When I have time I am going to tie up some more knlinkhammer specials…
fly box
You can see the ones that I use down on the left. I have been tying them up in different colours for a bit of variation…..should help with matching the old hatch. Saying that the guy that invented them recomends just sticking to the same pattern as he has found that it is the best!!