1. thats why its called fishing mate ,thats the way it goes.

    got some epoxy today and put some eyes on a few of my flys ,one thing for sure it was harder than i thought and now know i need to get a little turner for applying the epoxy next time as it would be so much easier.

  2. Fished for trout on Kelvin.At one point cast 5 times caught 4 fish.You guys keep pike fishing and leave the 1 pounders + to us.Seriously though some cracking trout and salmon in the Kelvin just now.

  3. I was using ginked up spider patterns size 12 & 14`s fished just in and out of the surface and no more.Ferocious takes, I played one of 1lb+ for agood 10 minutes (I only had a 2lb point). Wading was a bit scary though-high water & fast current.

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