So this is the last day?

So this is what the last day of the season looks like? I say “season” however on the Kelvin it was pretty much half a season.

Autumn in a photo!

The trees still have leaves and the invasives are still still kicking around. The river looks perfect to be honest, it looks that lovely full up way. It has a nice color to it and I could see some trout coming to the dry fly if I was so inclined. However, today was a family day and I was only out to take photos and wander. I did not see any anglers out for trout or salmon for that matter which I found kinda strange as it was such a nice day. When the sun was out it really warmed your face however you can tell that Summer is now properly in its very old age and the weak sun only gave hints at what it can really offer, and even then not for very long.

I suppose half a season that was great is better than a full season that was mediocre ?



  1. More like the season from hell, never known as much rain to fall. I have to sat though the size and condition of the trout we`ve caught this season, has been a marked improvement due mainly to the C&R policy.

  2. By ” we have implemented” I take iot you mean the members? lol. I remember posting on your old forum and Del`s forum, ages ago, for c&r and also for barbless hooks, but it came to nothing. I`m just glad common sense prevailed in the end.

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