Small Stream Action (or rather the lack of it)

So I was thrown out the house today as my fiancé had someone coming around to give here a “preview” of what her make up would look like on our wedding day.
“You will just have to go fishing” She said!
“If you insist”

As it turned out the smaller tributary was pretty low. Yesterday would have been good as it had been raining a little bit but the water has soon all ran off. In fact it was so low that I did not think I was actually going to catch any trout.
Eventually, after losing what felt like two nice trout (I was using my new bamboo rod which was nice) I walked right to the Junction pool…..this is where the tributary meets the Kelvin ( There is a picture of it Here). I was thinking of walking back home but the Kelvin looked kind of dark so thought it would be a waste of time, instead I walked back very very slowly……I eventually managed to winkle out a couple of trout and scared absolutely loads.
At one point I was wading very slowly upstream herding what seemed like around 30 odd trout ahead of me. Not big fish but certainly nice! By that point I was not very bothered as even using stealth mode I was spooking fish…..I would see trout darting past my feet , back upstream , down again, back up and then zoom for the weeds.
Looking forward to the next little bit of rain, if no more rain I at least know somewhere on the Kelvin I should be able to tease out some trout if the going gets tough!


  1. Jim Burns · August 6, 2005

    Hi Alister,
    Was down at the kelvin early Thursday and Friday morning and had some good pulls on my line but as you say the better size trout are that bit wary.On the Thursday did catch 6 small trout 4 out of the one pool and 2 in some slow water before the pool I was fishing. Took a couple of photos of the first couple but as the fish were coming to my fly so fast only managed the two photos. Sat on the bank opposite the green keepers buiding at golf club and watched what looked like a trout of about 1 1/2 to 2lbs in size take flies at will and a couple of times jump free of the river. As the vegetation on this bank is on thick side all I could do was site and watch. Friday was a different story nothing at all but seen some good fish but again in difficult places.

  2. alan atkins · August 6, 2005

    Hi Alistair,i had not been on the kelvin for a while due to the large amount of time i seem to be spending on the Teith chasing the slabs of the sea.I caught a lovely fish of over 3lbs last Thursday at 1am on one of my own tiny tubes.Anyway i decided to brave the low water and have cast at Kirklee on Tuesday nite.I did not start intil about 9 and although the water was very low indeed with terrible weed growth ,theer were a few fish nymphing.My usual attack with a small size 20 baetus nymph was ignored,so as it was getting quite dark i tried a size 18 parachute adams and managed to rise three good fish from silly water about 6inches deep.Unfortunately due to my ineptitude at hooking fish that rise to the dry fly i failed to get any of them to stay on!! I just always lift in too early.Anyway it was good to know that sport xcan still be had if you are prepared to wait until it is properly dark,although conditions were terrible,i must brush up on my dry fly skills as it has been a long time since i have resorted to the dry.As you know iam a micro-spider and nymph man,and usually do well enough to satisfy with this method.Just goes to show that when things get tough you’ve got to ring the changes

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