Slow Bank Holiday?

It was raining during the night and when I left for the river it was still spitting slightly, it was also overcast and possibly a little muggy – I did not feel the east wind which has been plaguing us for a couple of weeks now.

I tried a new spot on the Clyde (on the outskirts of the city) – I thought things looked promising as when I arrived at a very large pool there was a number of trout slashing greedily at flies on the surface. I soon learned that these trout had obviously seen it all before and then some as my clumsy wading and enormous flies were ignored.

Well, to be fair they were taking something microscopic off the surface and the slightest leg movement sent waves spreading across the pool like a mini tsunami so I should not feel too disheartened.

I then moved upstream (after a rather cheeky chappy started fishing directly upstream of me in a sweet spot I was working towards – he caught a trout)

I caught this trout eventually on a nymph…

There was the occasional trout rising (or rather boiling) to what I think were nymphs just under the surface – I put on an un weighted nymph and let it drift just under the surface – the take was sudden and the trout went bananas. I think it looks like a stocked trout – it certainly does not look like the usual Clyde trout – it reminds me of some of the trout I have been catching on the Kelvin which are obviously stocked.

Later I smelt something pretty horrible – it turned out to be coming from this pipe – a while liquid being discharged into the river – I gave SEPA a telephone who said they would send someone out. It was a very easy process.

A migraine started to develop so headed home only to be caught in Bank Holiday traffic……how was yours?


  1. I spent the day staring at a new piece of software and trying to remain awake. No fishing for me this weekend. I don’t get Monday off and as I’m moving house in a few weeks, the weekend will be occupied with filling boxes : (

  2. Hi Alistair.

    I sat in the car at Kirkland Bridge ( walton territory!) in the rain this afternoon wondering if my sneaky day off was going to be wasted but thankfully it went off not long after. It was then to lead to the most frustrating days fishing in many a season for various reasons – lost 2 crackers after hooking them, lost my favourite fly of the past few weeks to an impossible to reach branch and generally had a day of cr*p casting. Twice i gazed around to see what was happening in the surrounding fields only to turn round in time to miss what should have been good easy takes. It was an afternoon of sorely tested patience and one which produced many a “hmph, och and &%*%$*$&” Still, as they say, a bad days fishing is better than a good day in the office. I’ve got the sarnies and flask sorted for tomorrow and here’s hoping for a better day! All the best mate, cheers!

  3. Alistair
    Do you use Clyde flies.You know those hooks with barely a wisp of hair & hackle?

  4. James – I hear the Kelvin is fishing really well at the moment, no chance of even a few hours?

    Steven thanks for dropping by – yup I know that section of water, I decided to give up my Walton permit this year though as last year I hardly got a chance to fish it as I was so bust with other rivers – will be taking it up again though at some point I think. The main thing is you saw action so you were doing something correctly, there is nothing worse than seeing your fly drift along unmolested in a sea of rising trout…Aaaaagrrhhhhh

    Billy – Have use Clyde Style flies although bizarrely not on the Clyde, you need to check out Alan’s site at

    He is the King of the Clyde Style πŸ™‚

  5. No chance of fishing this weekend, but I might try later in the week.

    I’ve used Clyde style flies on the Kelvin and been quite successful with them. I find they’re good for a wide range of waters.

  6. Aye Alistair,i too spent a fair chunk of yesterday stuck in mental traffic on the way up the to Clyde.
    The fishing was quite hard going but managed a few nice fish.We really need a few days of rain to sort the rivers out.

  7. Flippin’ eck .More Rain Dancing needed …don’t think my bones can take much more of this πŸ™‚

  8. Hey Alistair – tried a couple of hours on the Endrick, landed a trout and missed a couple. Then had an afternoon on the Kelvin, hooked a couple and lost em…. Fairly frustrating, but nice to land a fish.

  9. The grey, smokey effluent seen in Alistair’s photo is almost certainly treated sewage. Although , its treated its still harful to invertebrates and ultimately fish. I may have a couple of hours on the K tomorrow, and then sea trouting on Tuesday night.
    Once the next rains come, the K will surely start to produce increased numbers of salmon and sea trout.

  10. Alistair, SEPA will be able to tell you where designated ouflow pipes are and who are permitted to discharge into them. However, sewage discharge is usually into the sea, thereofre, a good guess swould be that this discharge came from a sceptic tank that has leaked and got into to the system via a field drain or smaller watercourse. There could be other reasons, i.e temporary sanitory facilities on builidng sites etc, etc. It really depends on where this took place in the system, as many farms and large detached rural properties still have sceptic tanks, however, discharge from building sites vi port-a-loos is common. SEPA wil be able to identify the pollutants, however, enforcement may be another matter.

  11. Porta loos on sites are self contained units and are emptied by special bowsers designed for that specific purpose.I`d look elsewhere for cause.

  12. No,they have an internal sealed tank,which is pumped out . No internal to external piping at all.We reported a spillage 2 years ago to sepa on the Kelvin-(it came from the landfill site at Burmuldy owned by Glas. city council).It left an oily film about 4mm thick, from one bank to the other and ran at least 3 hours.I have since heard Glas. council were fined Β£5000 (unconfirmed). That must have sent shivers through the finance dept., I don`t think.

  13. Weather forecast is for rain on Wednesday but whether it will be enough to make a difference is anyones guess !!!

  14. I reckon it will take a couple of days of this to give the rivers a good clear out – what we need is for the rivers to be in spate. The ground is very dry as well so it may just soak up the water.

    Heres hoping it continues!

  15. fished the day ticket area at around Drymen – first time we’ve fished it….

  16. It will take significant precipitation to have any effect on the rivers. Not only that , the rain needs to be widespread, consistant and falling preferably on the hills. The long term forcast is for showers which will have little effect on water height but will certainly ” freshen ” things up a little. However, low water is a great opportunity to really get to know your river while its on its bones, and can some times throw up suprises. Fish will almost certainly be concentrated in the streamier , more oxygenated sections of the river, and features such as weirs, waterfalls or fast deep pots are the best bet for sport. Personally, i like low water especially for salmon and more particularly sea trout. On Tueasday night , on the river i fish, i was awarded with a fresh run 9lb salmon caught at 1am in 2 feet of water on a tiny tube – the best fight i’ve ever experienced from a salmon. Trout fishers should take note that at this time of year with low conditions the larger trout will not emmerge from their lies until after dark- by which i mean REAL dark and not just the gloaming.

  17. I was just going to point out that the river levels do not seem to have been affected at all by the rain. Well done with your salmon alan – got a photo?

    I have not been fishing at all – I have been off work all week sick – very nasty – only been today I have been on my feet!

  18. The Kelvin is up a good few inches and was coloured up this morning.Doubt that wee dribble of rain will had much effect on the Clyde though.Still worth a trip tomorrow to find out πŸ™‚

  19. I had a look at The Cart ealier at the foot of my street and it’s not much higher if at all and it’s a bit murky .There was one fish having some lunch .I saw it a couple of times ( well I didn’t actually see it other than a swirl as it gulped something down) ..I’m assuming it was the same one . Might actually go down after dusk altho’ it’s quite a slow bit .

  20. I pass over the Clyde at Garrion Bridge every day, it looks no different with the rain we’ve had. Still clean and low. Might be up an inch or two but nothing dramatic.

  21. Been longer than that Stuart – I have been ill for a week – unable to get out of bed ever mind fish (or post for that matter) going fishing tommorow so will have some fresh inspiration πŸ™‚

  22. Get well Alistair .I actually meant from anyone not just you

    Anyone know what the Clyde levels are like .I was thinking of going to lamington Mon-or -Tue but if it’s low I’ll not bother .Oh for a downpour over a couple of days .

  23. Clyde is pretty low.Fished near Abington yesterday and managed half a dozen smaller fisher but it was slow going.That was on a perfect overcast day with an upstream wind. ‘mon the rain!

  24. I was down for an hour tonight and it is still low but not drastically low, Clydeside – Hazelbank to Garrion – is still fishing ok
    There were a lot of flys hatching earlier, Trout were munching Pale Wateries and Yellow Mays, there is still hope hahaha

  25. Wow!

    That is a belter of a fish almost looks like a different breed of trout, it reminds me of a time that i was in the bass pro shop Florida and they had a massive tank will all sorts of unique bass sent in by the public, (albino, sea and fresh water)

    Hey Alister that would be worth a brows a phot fish tank ??

    Cheers M

  26. “Hey Alister that would be worth a brows a phot fish tank ”
    What’s that in English? LOL

  27. So you did post the picture Stuart….

    It is probably on of the nicest fish I ever caught, and strong as an ox. (Size 12 pheasant Tail (no bead) by the way).

    I also had several stocked fish (ugly finless flabby lumps). This i spretty disssapointing considering these pretty unique fish that are Characteristic of the Clyde.

    Nice to see the Kelvin has some water in it as of lastnight, hopefully get to spend some time on it this weekend.

  28. I seen it – and mighty fine it looked too – I think I am going to try one of the tributories today , i am hoping the rain has given it an inch !:-)

  29. Hmm.What’s this “return false>quote” thing on my posts 35 and 40 .Odd ?

  30. Yeah : I wondered if my mind was playing tricks with me .I didn’t recall seeing that before ….lol

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