Sizzle Sizzle – although no trout for the BBQ

Another hot hazy day down at the other river that I fish. I arrived at the water around 0930 and then almost had to come straight back home again. Once I set up my rod etc I found that my tippet material was once again giving me a bit of jip – it kept snapping every time I tightened a knot. I was pretty annoyed to say the least. I telephoned Mike who it just so happened was on his way down anyway so I spent around an hour contemplating the river bank, the cows and various funny insects I was having trouble in identifying. Once Mike arrived a new tippet section was added and I was off to a lovely day – caught around half a dozen trout and lost one at around a pound and a half. I think I lost it due to severe bad karma – as I was playing it I was imagining it sizzling away on my barbeque at home…ping it was off.

All my trout today were caught on the dry fly; it was pretty much half and half risers to just opportunistic trout when I was covering water.

The same plan is to be applied tomorrow although this time without the tippet problem.