Sinus pain and Riverkeeper!!

Ow…OWW owwww…….oohh owww< << that is pretty much what my life consists of at the moment....acute sinus pain.....its ok for a while and the second i move my head or stand up its like someone hammering a nail into my eye....oooohhhh OWW OW!! Ive bought some stuff online from a shop called Riverkeeper. I bought some tapered leaders and some wet fly casts. Ive been toying with the idea of splashing out for a while on tapered leaders to see if they do actually improve your turnover. I usually just use a level lengh of mono…..say about 6-9 foot around 2-4lb but I decided that seeing as how I had accumulated some cash on my paypal account I would treat myself. Riverkeeper take paypal!! Anyway so I bought myself a selection of wet fly casts and tapered leaders;wet fly casts as this weekend all going well I shall be going to Loch Awe on Sunday. ooooohhh OWW!! < < sinus pain kicks in again. Anyway, oh yea "Riverkeeper" I put my order in and the stuff turned up the next working day......fantastic and its postage free in the UK......I would check out their selection if i were you it really is good. I got myself a wee dinky line cutter thingus as well with a little pointy thing for clearing eyes of flys.....and it was only 2 quid. Im happy with that!! Ive also bought myself a genetic cape from the on was remarkably cheap and the postage was ok even though its going priority. I got myself a Whitting cape as they are graded differently, the lower grade is not about what size of hackle you get its more about how many flies you can tie of a cape.......if you see what I mean .......OOOOhhhhhhhh OWW!!<<< Its blowing a gale just now outside and the rain is puring down, that can only be good news for the river. After the lack of rain the last wee while the amonia levels were rising which could have meant another fish kill.....but this rain should cause the river to have a good clean out, doesnt make me feel so bad that every step i take is absolute utter agony so I cant even go fishing even if i could. Im also considering visiting a fishery and trying a bit of stocky bashing;.Ive only ever visited one fishery and caught nowt! Riverkeeper