Should have been here yesterday!

It was cold, or at least it felt cold and it was windy with rain. Not just any old rain either, this was proper rain, the kind of rain that ensures you have got to keep your hood up at all times. I was carrying my non waterproof camera and I was scared of getting it wet so did not get it out much!

A rare moment when the rain eased...

A rare moment when the rain eased…

From yesterday it had risen a fair amount. The sandy beach where my boys were playing yesterday was totally covered by at least a foot of water. I should have guessed it was going to be like this as the rain was torrential on the drive up here. Some of the waterfalls off the mountains were mighty impressive. I got the nymphs out and realised that in my haste I had forgotten my floatant. Never mind, I would make do with blowing on it every 5 mins.

I worked my way up the pool where I had seen trout the day before, absolutely nothing stirred. Interestingly I had spoken to the secretary of the club that runs this river and he had told me that on some occasions you would swear there were no trout in this river. I believed him.

I used watercraft for what it is worth...

I used watercraft for what it is worth…

There was still definite pools and runs and I let my nymph drift all the likely looking spots.

Alas, it went unmolested.

The clouds were pretty oppressive!

The clouds were pretty oppressive!

I walked to where the river split into two and I considered walking on to the island. I was glad I did not as on my walk back down the river I noted the river had risen by another foot. It was still crystal clear however apart from this dead sheep which drifted past and freaked me right out.

Dead Sheep

Dead Sheep

I am looking forward to a good warm spring day when I hit it right and manage to actually catch some trout!



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  1. colin wilson · April 6, 2014

    youll have a great time on there alistair, must be my favourite river.

  2. Jim Burns · April 6, 2014


  3. Alistair · April 6, 2014

    After today (report to follow) I can see why šŸ™‚