Sea Fishing Gear

We have only a few days left until the trout season starts again and I have been slowly getting all my trout gear out and organised. Over the years I appear to have collected a few duplicates and alternatives of pretty much everything however a pal asked me if I fancied a spot of Sea Fishing last week and it got me thinking:

I have absolutely no sea fishing gear.

I do not even have an Iron Maiden T Shirt

The last time I went Sea Fishing I had to cadge a load of gear off my pal however this year I intend to get myself kitted out with some serious Sea Fishing Tackle. I was browsing around and found some for sea fishing at as I may be visiting there later this year for a few days family fun. Looking at the options for rods and stuff I need some advice – is there a basic rod I could get to fish from the shore?


  1. Hi alistair, i can reccomend the shakespeare salt range , the 2-4oz rod being a good allrounder . if its for winter codding it may be on the light side, but would be perfect for summer flounder/wrasse etc, the flattie rod is also good (1-3oz ) but if the seas a bit rough the tip tends to dance about a bit , great on it’s day though.

  2. So this will be deep sea trolling with a spin casting rod, not with a heavy weight salt water fly rod?

  3. I have a heavy weight salt water fly rod – what I do not have is one of those beachcaster type things that deal with scary sea creatures!

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