Scott Loudon Fly Casting Tuition

You might not have noticed this but I tend to spend a lot of time on the net trawling through fishing forums – I also love the fact that people have read this blog and become involved enough to actually post comments and email me.

I also love it when someone I have watched develop their fishing technique starts answering the questions instead of asking them.

I have watched Scott develop his casting from afar for quite some time – he regularly leaves  comments here and I always noticed his postings at all the forums that I post in – I then heard he was attending the Glasgow Casting Club and was attempting to go for his instructors qualification.

Next thing I know suddenly he has his own website and is saving up cash to bolt off to New Zealand to become  a Trout Bum –

He is ginger - like all the best Scottish people

He offers a “variety of services” (ooer missus) however most people here will probably want to take him up on his casting lessons before he comes back from New Zealand £20 more expensive.

If you have just taken up fly fishing due to the Sunday fly only rule on the Kelvin I recommend you give Scott a buzz – you will start to catch fish straight away instead of having a  season where you cannot get your fly where it is needed to be – lessons are not as expensive as you might think.

You can contact Scott through his website :

Scott Loudon Fly Casting Tuition

He is also a regular at the Glasgow Casting Club!