S1gn my guestb00k !

So I finally had to close my guestbook and start again. The type of guestbook I used was getting hit with a couple of hundred spam entries a week, this was making me annoyed. Unfortunately I have now lost all the entries that were real. In fact at the last count I had well over 100 hundred entries which is not bad for a wee site aboot a guy fishing a muddy river with a bamboo rod.
Anyway, I now have a nice shiny new guestbook with funny colours. I would appreciate if people would shine my ego and head over and sign it….roll up roll up , don’t be shy !

Click here to shine my ego


  1. Hi Alistair, the long dark wait is nearly over eh. Did you ever get down for the grayling? If not, I’d be delighted to take you to a couple of beats next season, just drop us a line. You planning on hitting the other river again this year? Let’s get oot sometime when I’m over. And if you ever fancy trying the old Leithy over here just let me know. Have a good one, and happy new season.

  2. Thanks,
    For your motivation and positive suggestions after loosing that, oh so important brown at the beginning of the last session yesterday, kept me going, and eventualy catching that ever so important trout, preventing the blank.
    Interesting site.


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