RSS and a Thankyou

Visitors have jumped in the last month or so or so – due I reckon to the newly added forum, and also due to the fact I have been on a quest to catch some giant Pike on the fly. I never realised people were so interested in it – not that I have forgotten about my precious trout, no no – just put on hold until it is prime time again. 

I thought I would tell you the few ways you can actually get the content of this old blog:

  • You can come to this page.
  • On the left side bar you will see a wee box where you can add your email address and receive posts direct to your email – I will never pass your email into anyone else by the way – some of you might have got an email from me in the last month to sign up for the forum – thanks to all of you that did – I am impressed at the numbers already – looks like a nice wee crowd – why dont you head over there now and say what river you fish and why you love it so much 🙂
  • You can subscribe to my RSS feed. In order to subscribe to an RSS feed or newsfeed you will need two things, an RSS reader (also known as a news aggregator) and url (web address) of the RSS feed that you wish to subscribe. For example probably the most common RSS reader around these days is Google Reader – go and check it out. My feed is located up at the top right of this page – it says RSS with a little symbol next to it – click it and then click “subscribe with Google”

Keep that symbol in mind and then head over to my links list on the right hand page and sign up to some more  excellent feeds  – most use them same symbol.

Here are a few to get you started:

Wayward Fly Fishing – Without question one of my favourites.

This is Fly – Slick blog to go with an even slicker magazine.

The Wandle Piscators – Shows you what can be done in an urban river with people that actually care.

The Suburban Bushwacker – A fantastic blog – a real mix of interesting patter!

French Flies – Stunning photography and interesting chat!

I got a bit carried away there as there are so many – RSS is a good way of keeping track of all your blogs !

Anyway, fly my pretties fly!


  1. Eric · October 2, 2008

    Yep – I read your blog, as well as 24 others, exclusively via RSS. The only time I actually visit the site is for comments or to post or read forums (like yours).

    I’m not sure how much time I’d spend each day if I didn’t have the reader and all of its accessories, like a customized google home page with a reader built in.

    Thank YOU for the excellent posts.

  2. Alistair · October 2, 2008

    Thanks for visiting to comment this time Eric – I really appreciate it!
    I have added you to my links list 🙂

  3. Neil · October 2, 2008

    Thanks for the heads up on Wayward – looks a good one.

  4. James Mann · October 2, 2008

    I love RSS as it allows me to keep up on the blogs I follow, like yours.

    I also love fly fishing for those big Pike on the fly but here in New Brunswick we have Chain Pickerel, I miss the Northern’s of Ontario, but I still have a blast fly fishing Pickerel, they just don’t seem to get much larger than 26 inches or so.

    thanks for the other links.

  5. suburban bushwacker · October 2, 2008

    Cheers man, glad you like it.

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