RKAA Sucks!

Slagging off the people that are in control of your fishing appears to be in vogue these days (plus I need to try and get together my hosting fees) – so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon in my own, dare I say, capitalistic, style – yes that is correct you can now “buy the T-Shirt”

“Buying the T-Shirt” gives you several unique opportunities.

Next time someone starts to show displeasure at the club on the riverbank you can simply state

“been there, bought the T-Shirt mate”

Next time you read someone mouthing off on a forum you can simply state:

“been there, bought the T-Shirt”

Of course extra kudos if you are actually wearing the T-Shirt at the time.

You can pull this one out just about anytime anyone says anything about the club – heck even if it is something positive you can state it as an ironic statement.

In fact I think a rule should be invoked whereby if you have not “bought the T-Shirt” you cannot say anything negative at all.

You can buy it from my brand new shop – look out for more up and coming designs over the next few weeks and months.

The T-Shirt costs a thirteen bucks plus postage – it comes in all colours (not just blue and green) which you can specify at checkout – 2 quid goes towards hosting costs for the site.

Do not hesitate to give more suggestions on possible slogans.

You also get total respect for wearing the T-Shirt to the coming AGM.

Total respect!


  1. Paul R · January 6, 2011

    So 2 quid goes to you (or “hosting” as you call it). How much goes to the RKAA?

  2. Willie Yeomans · January 6, 2011


  3. Alistair · January 6, 2011

    Fair comment Paul – bugger all goes to the association!

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