RKAA – EGM Update

Just a quick update as I know there will be some people unable to attend the EGM.

As EGM’s go it was pretty boring – no gunfights, no “dance off” between rival factions and only one heckler – and even he is a long gunmen who really should be given his own place on the agenda – he then put his name down for some association booty and did not throw himself out for a change. (if you have ever been to a Kelvin AGM you will no who I am talking about – I should write a book about this stuff it is priceless)

Everyone was happy at the changes to the constitution – every single one of the changes were unanimously voted in. The situation with the new Bailiff Clyde wide hit force was touched upon (I don’t want to steal anyone’s thunder so my lips are sealed) – oh and Atkins is the new Chairman as Euan Greer stepped down.

I will write more later – got to dash!