River Kelvin Hatch Chart

I am trying to put together a hatch chart for the River Kelvin. Over the years I have noticed people reporting various hatches at different parts of the river. What I would like to do is collect as much information as I can this season and then create a hatch chart. I am expecting to see differences between the top end and bottom end which is why it will be a little tricky.

I would like people to post in the River Kelvin forum with date, weather conditions and name of fly – ideally a wee photo would be good so there is no confusion. Even if you are not an expert in entomology you can still help by taking a photo of the fly (use macro mode) and post the picture – we can then try and identify it for you.

So if you are a Kelvin fisher head over to the forum once you have some photos or the ID of some flies – also if you are definite that you have seen a hatch on the river post it so we can get started.

Looking forward to the crawly fun 🙂


  1. Roddy Finnie · March 30, 2009

    Hi Alistair,
    This is a great idea having a hatch chart, however, and I’m not being negative, but its getting folk to contribute at any time and there is the added problem of folk not wanting to sound like an idiot if they cannot distinguish between one fly or another. Perhaps getting one of Willie Yeomans’ fellow biologists e.g. an Entymologist might be a good idea or some anorak from Glasgow University to help us (me included) discern between one flea and another – least it would save on blushes!

  2. Alistair · March 30, 2009

    And that is why Roddy we have someone to send our flies to so that identification is easier!

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