I met a guy this year that had just started to fish the fly. I watched him for a while drifting a wet fly down and across a little pool I enjoy. I was upstream a bit concentrating on a tiny wee riffle. I walked down for a natter. He was saying that pretty much the only way he knew hoe to fly fish was the down and across style and seemed pretty embarrassed about it. I thought it was a fine way to start out, jeepers that was the way I spent my first couple of seasons catching trout on the river. It was only after reading lots of magazines and books and getting advice from people on the net that I started experimenting with other ways. I would then concentrate on that for a few weeks……like only ever fishing upstream wet….until I had caught a few fish. Then moving on to trying dry and so forth. Although I seem to have got stuck in that phase! Anyway, it was a pretty much chuck it and chance it affair as I was learning as i went along ,the rewards to you of figuring things like that out by yourself are pretty self evident.
Anyway, I told him it was a good time as every time you went fishing you learnt something new about where fish lived and how to catch them. I took him up to a little riffle that I was fishing and showed him where fish would be sitting…..he didn’t believe me. I caught three little brownies out of that little spot in front of him, then gave him my fly.


  1. Kenny · November 18, 2004

    I have just started fishing the fly this year on the Avon in the Hamilton area. I must admit, I feel as if I’m the guy you were talking to! I have taken one brownie, where I cast upstream and let a wet fly drift down under a tree before retrieving it, but it, but I still find it hard to read the water, and sometimes feel I am just casting hopefully. Any tips?

  2. Kenny · November 18, 2004

    p.s. I have also had bites on the dry fly on my wee local river, but can never seem to land them/hook them

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