Review – Fishpond Aussie Clippers

These little clippers were great – electric blue, small (ish) they fitted on my lanyard perfectly and cut through mono very easily – I tried them with 20lb mono and they cut through it with ease. I would expect so to for £7.

I wanted a new pair of nippers as my old ones ……ach OK , to tell you the truth I thought they looked sexy… ok… and I had money burning a hole in my pocket at the start of the season.

Fishpond say:

From Down under. This clipper is a simple, convenient, and affordable option. Constructed from durable plastic, the Aussie Clippers use a razor sharp surgical stainless steel guillotine to snip through mono as heavy as 150 lb. The clippers are light and can be attached with lanyard or retractor.


  • Stainless steel blades
  • Lightweight, durable plastic
  • Cuts up to 150lb. mono

Sounds great eh?

Unfortunately not – they fell apart within 6 months meaning I had to use my teeth one day down at the river. Later I found the little sharp blade down my waders – could have caused a nasty accident that could.

Fishpond kindly sent me an upgrade as a warranty replacement – will let you know how I goet on with them !