Red Wine & Kelts

Red Wine….love the stuff. Once I start I cant stop. I mean well…….a couple of (decent) glasses is like half a bottle right? If you keep it for another day but with a stopper in it will taste just as nice, if not better. Better because the air has had a chance to get around it maybe?
What has this to do with fly fishing? nowt! I just like red wine ok!!!

I was speaking to a friend the other day who lives on the banks of the Kelvin. Or rather in some tenements close to it. They were telling me that the river was up waaaaaaaay higher than it has been in a while. I suppose the good thing is that all the kelts will be getting washed out to sea nice and quick, however the bad news is that if the salmon got a chance to spawn then the actuall eggs may have been washed away as well.